Where Are Job Seekers? — Pros and Cons of Popular Job Platforms

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Written by Kara Detwiller

Although people still find jobs through traditional methods, like good old fashioned networking, most job seekers now use a combination of traditional and digital tools in their job search. Digital tools include:

  • Job websites, job boards
  • Apps
  • Social media sites
  • Email newsletters

There are hundreds of online recruitment tools to choose from, so we’re exploring some of the pros and cons of popular job platforms to help you decide which is best for you.

Comparing Hiring Platforms


  • Pro: QuickHire streamlines the hiring process and uses matching technology to get qualified candidates in front of employers called QuickHire Matches. On average, the time to hire is 40% faster when compared to other platforms. QuickHire is quality over quantity. 
  • Pro: Retention is a major focus for QuickHire. Candidates found through QuickHire stay an average of 3x longer than the industry average. The tailored platform allows for career trajectories for all candidates. 
  • Con: QuickHire’s candidate pool is currently deepest in certain US metro areas — but it is rapidly growing as they continue to enter new markets. 


  • Pro: Indeed is the largest job platform, with a large pool of potential candidates.
  • Pro: Candidates are familiar with it, and it’s fairly easy for them to apply
  • Con: There’s not a lot of quality control, and many job seekers on Indeed apply to jobs they’re not qualified for. Employers end up having to sift through hundreds of resumes which can be time consuming and frustrating. 


  • Pro: LinkedIn is great for reaching “passive candidates” — people who aren’t actively looking for a job.
  • Con: LinkedIn is heavily geared toward high-level positions and isn’t as tailored for hourly roles like service-oriented jobs in hospitality and retail.


  • Pro: Glassdoor hiring posts display an approximate salary range, which appeals to many candidates.
  • Con: Many people don’t know that there are hiring posts on Glassdoor because it is mainly seen as a site for company reviews and salary information.

Find Qualified Candidates on QuickHire

As you’re evaluating your hiring strategy, consider not just where the most candidates are, but where the best, most qualified candidates are. QuickHire’s unique candidate matching process helps you find the right talent, fast.

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