Going Beyond Indeed: How to Get Better, More Qualified Applicants

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Written by Kara Detwiller

Most people — recruiters and job seekers alike — are familiar with Indeed. It’s the top job site worldwide, according to total website visits. Despite its popularity and prominence, many employers struggle to find qualified applicants through Indeed. Here are a few tips to increase your success when hiring with online career platforms.

Focus on Pre-Qualification

A top complaint among employers using Indeed is that they’re often flooded with hundreds resumes and applications for a single position — and most of the candidates aren’t even qualified for the role. One way to offset this issue is to use pre-qualifying questions to vet candidates more thoroughly. 

Define which skills and experiences are most vital for the role, and require candidates respond to specific prompts related to those qualifications. Pre-qualification should cut down on the number of applicants attempting to “resume spray” or submit applications to as many jobs as possible without considering job requirements.

For more pre-qualification question ideas, check out this article.

Give Candidates a View Into the Future

If your hiring posts are flooded with unqualified applicants, it could be because your listing looks just like every other hourly, service-based job listing on Indeed. To set yourself apart from the competition and get more qualified candidates, give applicants a peek into the career path(s) possible if they join your team. Show them a path forward. Rather than a flood of unqualified applicants desperate for a job — any job — you’ll attract more career-minded individuals who want to find a company to grow with.

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