3 Ways to Mitigate No Call No Shows 

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Written by Kara Detwiller

When a candidate doesn’t show up for a scheduled interview, the hiring team is frustrated and stressed. And unfortunately, this is a fairly common occurrence, especially for hourly positions in service-based industries. According to USA Today, many businesses report as many as 20% to 50% of candidates are no-shows for interviews. To mitigate no call no shows in your hiring process, check out these tips:

1. Screen for Dependability

The best way to avoid candidates ghosting you is to screen out those who are unreliable and undependable — easier said than done, right? Some recruitment tools, like QuickHire, match employers with potential candidates based on certain desirable traits like accountability. How? Qualified candidates on QuickHire can schedule interviews directly with the hiring manager(s) effectively cutting out the time consuming back and forth of scheduling and the job seeker feels that ownership and onus of the process. A stronger, technology-based screening process can help your organization’s no call no show problem. 

2. Offer Options and Flexibility

Some candidates ghost on interviews due to conflicts with the interview time — either prior scheduling issues or urgent responsibilities that pop up at the last minute. To help candidates find an interview time that works for them, give them plenty of options for days and times, and allow them to schedule their own interview.

3. Automate to Ensure Success

Recruiters are busy, and it can be hard to keep up with interview coordination. Sometimes, communication with candidates can slip through the cracks, which can contribute to no call no shows. We recommend automating communication wherever possible, especially for interview confirmations and reminders. This cuts down on NCNS, and the digital focus appeals to younger Gen Z and Millennial candidates.

Mitigate No Call No Shows: Use QuickHire

At QuickHire, we support employers with tools to mitigate no call no shows and avoid getting ghosted:

  • Allowing candidates to select an interview time that works for them
  • Automated texts to confirm interviews
  • Options to reschedule an interview when conflicts arise

Let us help you find the right candidate, right away.

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