Panicked at 2am? How To Find Peace of Mind With Hiring

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Written by Kara Detwiller

A complex combination of factors, many relating to Covid-19, led to a massive restaurant worker shortage in 2021, and hiring struggles are expected to continue throughout 2022. For those who find themselves awake in the middle of the night, consumed with staffing worries and feeling stuck, we have some ideas to get your wheels turning.

Use Technology and Automation to Ease Your Burden

If your traditional recruitment methods aren’t bringing in qualified candidates, try something new. There are many HR software tools and platforms for streamlining aspects of the recruitment process — from sourcing and screening to employee development and retention. QuickHire is one platform employers are using to find employees who are a great match for their open hourly positions. 

Another digitally-focused recruitment tool is simple texting and instant messaging. Texting candidates saves time spent playing phone tag and has the added benefit of appealing to Millennials and Gen Z candidates who hate phone calls.

Consider Your Current Team

It may seem like immediate hiring is the only solution when you’re understaffed, but developing strategies that leverage current employees can help too: 

  • See if any part-time employees are interested in transitioning to a full-time role — benefits are an incentive.
  • Promote a current employee into an open shift leader or assistant manager position.
  • Offer a referral bonus for employees who help bring in candidates.

One of the most important things to consider when you’re understaffed is the morale and work environment for current employees. If you’re panicking about hiring, chances are that current staff are feeling overworked and burned out. Be flexible and generous with your team, or you could end up with even more turnover and bigger staffing problems.

Let QuickHire Help You Sleep at Night

You deserve peace of mind in your hiring efforts. QuickHire sources and filters candidates based on your specific key attributes. Our platform automatically lines up interviews, mitigates no call, no shows and how we make it possible to see recruitment efforts in real time — even across multiple locations.

Go back to sleep at 2am and leave the hiring to us: book a free demo today!