New to Entrepreneurship? Tips on Hiring Your First Employees

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Written by Kara Detwiller

Being an entrepreneur is equal parts thrilling and challenging, with many obstacles to get to success. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average of 20% of businesses fail in their first year of operation. To be a part of the 80% that survive and scale, you’ll need to make careful, strategic hiring decisions early on.

3 Hiring Tips for Entrepreneurs

1. Prioritize Retention Early On

If you’re an entrepreneur hiring your first employees, retention may not be at the top of your mind. Even with your very first hires, you should be thinking about how to get them to stay with you long term. Consider investing in sourcing and screening process improvement technology to find candidates who are a good fit for your open roles. It would also be helpful to orient yourself with research to understand the local market demand for pay. 

Employee turnover costs vary, but it’s typical to spend at least 25% of an employees annual salary to replace them, so an early focus on retention can really pay off long term.

2. Consider Aptitude 

When your business is small and you begin hiring your first employees, it’s tempting to want to find rockstar candidates with oodles of experience who will shine right away. The reality is that not everyone who applies will be an obvious perfect fit — but don’t discount someone if their experience doesn’t exactly match what you’re looking for.

Skills are trainable, but personality and culture fit aren’t. Find trainable and coachable candidates who mesh well with you and are eager to succeed.

3. Avoid Rushed Hiring Decisions

Growing your team quickly may be a top priority, but it’s important not to rush into poor hiring decisions. If you feel short on time, invest in hiring tools or find a trustworthy recruitment partner. The right hiring partner will help you find candidates quickly without cutting corners.

QuickHire Helps Entrepreneurs Hire the Right Team

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