How to Choose The Right Recruitment Partner

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Written by Kara Detwiller

Many big employers partner with third party recruitment firms for support with hiring efforts, but choosing between agencies and platforms can be dizzying. The online recruitment and staffing market size is tremendously large — around $28 billion — and is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Here are a few tips for evaluating different recruitment partners to find a great fit.

What to Look for in a Recruiting Partner

A Shared Outlook on Talent

One of the most important things to look for in a third party recruitment partner is alignment with your approach to hiring. For example, if your priority is finding career-focused, long term hires, look for a recruitment solution with a focus on career development and retention. 

Even if you’re in an industry that tends to have higher turnover, such as retail or hospitality, it’s possible to find solid, long term candidates looking to build their career with you, but you’ll need a strong, strategic recruitment partner to support your efforts. 

A Modern Approach

Choose a recruitment partner with a modern, digitally-focused approach to hiring. 85% of Americans own smartphones, compared to less than 50% in 2012. This means your website and application materials need to be mobile-friendly. Using a mobile platform for your hiring efforts is a great way to reach Millennials and Gen Z, many of whom prefer to avoid phone calls.

An Understanding of Your Industry

It can be incredibly beneficial to work with a recruitment partner who specializes in your industry. Specialists will understand your particular hiring goals and struggles, and they’ll be better at identifying top candidates for your open roles. No matter your industry, you’re likely to be able to find a specialized recruiter. 

QuickHire specializes in service-based industries. Our team has in-depth knowledge of what makes a good employee in hospitality, retail, and other related fields. Our platform matches employers with qualified candidates who are a great fit for their open roles, all while streamlining the application process.

Choose QuickHire as Your Recruitment Solution

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