4 Tech Tools For Your Next Hiring Event

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Written by Kara Detwiller

Hiring events are a great way to meet a high volume of potential hires in a short period of time — but what’s the best way to engage with attendees at a hiring event or career fair? We’re sharing 4 ideas for tech tools to use to connect with attendees at your next hiring event.

1. QR Codes

QR codes are a great, simple tech tool to use at hiring events. Rather than giving potential candidates a physical flier or business card with information about applying, they can scan a QR code and go directly to the application. They can even fill out the application right there, if they want. 

2. Digital Door Prizes

Pens and koozies are traditional job fair swag — but what about digital prizes? Employers can leverage tech to send out gift cards to booth visitors or do a digital raffle. A prize or contest can also be a clever way to collect attendees’ emails in order to follow up after the event.

3. Virtual Job Fairs

In-person hiring events are coming back, but virtual job fairs remain a great option too. There are many virtual job fair platforms available, and they’re easy to set up and easy to attend. Virtual and digitally-focused recruitment efforts are becoming standard practice in the post-pandemic job marketplace.

4. “Swipe” to Apply

After a hiring event, make it as easy as possible for candidates to apply for your open roles. Filling out job applications can be tedious, especially when employers ask candidates to upload their resume and type it out. 

With a hiring platform like QuickHire, candidates fill out their profile and then swipe to apply for jobs — like a dating app, but for jobs. This makes applying easier, which makes candidates happy and more excited about potentially working for you.

How QuickHire Can Enhance Your Next Hiring Event

Once you provide an engaging, tech-focused experience at your hiring event, dazzle candidates further with a fun, mobile-friendly application process. With QuickHire’s swipe to apply and other features, it’s easier than ever for candidates to apply for your open roles. 

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