5 Tips to Hire The Right Employees in Hospitality

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Written by Kara Detwiller

Churn in hospitality is devastating and costly, especially when it feels like a revolving door. The restaurant industry typically sees employee turnover rates around 75%, with fast food establishments and franchises experiencing as high as 150%. In addition to the thousands of dollars in turnover costs, constantly replacing employees means tedious and often time-consuming hiring cycles.

The best way to prevent turnover is to hire the right employee the first time. Hospitality hiring brings its own unique challenges when it comes to finding aligned talent who can succeed long-term. 

Hospitality Hiring: Top Traits to Look For

#1 – Positive Attitude

Your employees represent your brand, and you want to hire individuals who have positive, friendly interactions with your customers. The importance of personality and positive attitude are important for both front and back of house roles. When you build a positive workplace culture, it creates a better work environment for all employees. Examples might look like flexibility in scheduling, subsidizing comfortable footwear, or even free meals. 

#2 – Flexible

In hospitality, no two shifts are alike. Great, aligned talent should be flexible and able to “roll with the punches,” tackling issues as they arise and exercising good judgment and common sense. In return, employers should offer some flexibility as well, working with employees’ needs and creating mutual trust and loyalty.

#3 – Communicative

Communication and clear expectations are a crucial element in hospitality hiring. Look for transparency and good communication skills when vetting new hires, and remember that communication is a two-way street — respect applicants and employees by clearly communicating during and after the hiring process.

#4 – Willingness to Learn

Not every employee will start off with all the skills and experience they need to succeed in their new role — and that’s okay! Engaged talent will be teachable and eager to learn new skills in order to succeed at work. They may also ask engaging questions to continue to refine their skills. 

#5 – Career-Minded

While not every employee will be looking to grow their career in the hospitality industry, aligned talent should be career-minded and motivated to advance. Employers should encourage this by offering a clear career trajectory for engaged talent.

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