3 Post-Pandemic Hiring Best Practices in Retail

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Written by Kara Detwiller

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted all facets of life and business, and we’re now experiencing the much-mentioned “new normal” in many areas — including retail recruitment and retention. Hiring has changed, and employers will need to keep up in order to find and retain engaged retail talent in a post-pandemic job market.

How to Hire the Right Retail Employees Post-Pandemic

1. Make Sure Your Brand Stands Out

While unemployment soared to more than 14% at the beginning of the pandemic, it has dropped to 3.6% as of April 2022. With low unemployment, it can be challenging for retail managers to attract the right talent. Take these steps to stand out in the competitive retail hiring environment:

  • Showcase your competitive wages and benefits
  • Advertise special employee perks such as sign-on bonuses, employee discounts or tuition assistance
  • Build your brand reputation and values to attract aligned talent

2. Be Transparent About Advancement Opportunities

Investing in employees’ career-related skills and interests can greatly increase employee satisfaction and retention. Right from the start, let retail employees and prospective hires know you’re enthusiastic about their career path. Don’t wait until they come to you, start talking about internal mobility once they are hired. Show them what future advancement opportunities could look like and how investing in training offerings can help them improve in their role.

3. Make Applying Easy for Applicants

No one enjoys job hunting. For job seekers, applying for a job is often tedious and clunky because employers rely on outdated technology and processes to move applicants through the funnel. You feel more like you’re moving through the process than being seen for your aptitude and unique assets. To find and hire the right employees quickly, make hiring simple and painless:

  • Modernize your application process to be mobile-friendly
  • Don’t make someone upload their resume and then repeat that information in a fillable form (it’s the worst)
  • Respond to applicants promptly — don’t ghost them

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