Advance Your Career In Hospitality

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So you want to move ahead in your career but don’t know where to start? Look into training and certification opportunities in your field. A certification shows employers that you’ve gained job-specific skills and knowledge. And, the right certification can raise your pay significantly!

Why pursue training in this field, you may ask? So you can stand out from the competition! With so many prospective candidates in the hospitality and restaurant industries, training and certifications position you ahead of your peers.

Here are just a few examples of opportunities that can elevate your restaurant/hospitality career to the next level.

Food Handler Certification:Understanding the importance of food safety provides job seekers with an advantage: they are able to help ensure not only the health of their customers, but the success of their employer’s business.

Food Protection Manager Certification:This certification is tailored to managers, chefs, and other supervisory team members, providing the food protection skills to ensure quality and safety. Self-study and online instructor-led courses are available.

Food Allergy Awareness Certificate:Shellfish, peanuts, gluten. Chances are good you know someone with a food allergy or sensitivity. The number of Americans affected by food allergies increases every year! Dining can be a risky experience for those with an allergy, as well as for their family and friends. But food service providers who can accurately and confidently accommodate needs are safe havens and make dining enjoyable. Employees who understand food allergens are an asset to their restaurant or hospitality employer.

Cvent Supplier Professional Certification:Cvent is the world’s largest events marketplace. Valid for two years, the Cvent Supplier Professional Certification helps hospitality professionals improve their group event business. The program is geared to sales and marketing professionals at hotels and venues. Training prepares you to strengthen group operations and event planner communication; gain skills in marketing to meeting planners, and managing leads. Individuals with this certification also are able to reduce response time, submit better proposals, and deliver higher conversion rates.

Wine Tasting:Sensory Techniques for Wine Analysis: Perhaps this is the most popular of all restaurant and hospitality professional development opportunities! Enjoy tasting wine while advancing your career. Gaining skills in wine analysis is a learning process, and those with these skills are more marketable in the industry. Ideal for those just getting started, this course teaches the foundation to understand wine tasting. You will build a sensory vocabulary, review classic wine types, and eventually, gain expertise with food and wine pairings and more.