Advance Your Career In Administration

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So you want to move ahead in your career but don’t know where to start? Look into training and certification opportunities in your field. Certification shows employers that you’ve gained job-specific skills and knowledge. And, the right certification, training, or license can raise your pay significantly!

You may wonder, why get training in administrative careers? To bolster your resume as you start a job search; to help meet a performance goal; or simply to demonstrate expertise in particular areas!

Here are just a few examples of opportunities that can elevate your career to the next level.

Administrative Office Technology Certificate: Just beginning your career as an administrative assistant or office specialist? Already have a high school diploma or equivalent? This certificate may be for you. The program provides basic office training, as well as an opportunity to specialize in a particular area, such as accounting, human relations, business communication, and medical or legal administration.

Microsoft Office Certifications: Administrative professionals may want to consider these three Microsoft Office certifications — Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), MOS Expert, and MOS Master. Each demonstrates increasing levels of proficiency using one or several Microsoft Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. The first level — Microsoft Office Specialist — passes an exam in a specific Office program. This accreditation provides proficiency in Microsoft Office. Next, MOS Experts pass exams in Word or Excel, and show skills in key Office programs. Finally, an MOS Master passes exams in Word or Excel and demonstrates the deepest skill level necessary for key Office programs.

Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate: Social media marketing is a growing field, and certification leverages candidates’ assets. This training program builds skills and credentials to catapult you from beginner to job-ready in five months. No degree or prior experience is required. Here, you will learn how to create and analyze an effective advertising campaign for specific audiences; develop a creative brief that includes advertising assets; create, edit and troubleshoot ads in Facebook Ads Manager; and establish and manage a social media presence.

Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence: Demonstrate your knowledge, expertise, and commitment to your career by earning the PACE certification. This credential shows potential employers you are serious about your administrative career, and typically sets individuals ahead in hiring, compensation, and promotions. PACE certification is streamlined. Ideal for busy professionals, you can learn quickly, easily and on your own schedule.

Certified administrative professional: If you’ve graduated from an office professional program with a two-year degree, but don’t have the professional experience (four years) to take the CAP exam, the CAP (ip) or Certified Administrative Professional in progress credential may be for you. CAP (ip) professionals are positioned ahead of their peers because they demonstrate to prospective employers that they are committed to their learning and growth with an intention to eventually take the full CAP. It’s a great credential to jump start your career in a crowded job market.