Profile Perfect: How To Make A Great First Impression

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Your QuickHire profile is your first introduction to companies — and first impressions count! Put your best foot forward by completing each portion completely and with careful attention to quality. Below are a few tips to create the best profile and stand out amongst the competition!

Profile Picture: Your picture is what employers will see first on your profile. Be sure the photo you choose isPQF:Professional, Quality, and Fitting.

  • Professional: Your profile photo sends an important message to employers and shows them how you feel about yourself. Avoid social media selfies, and instead choose a photo that demonstrates professionalism; that conveys confidence and shows employers you are the right candidate for the job!
  • Quality: Don’t let poor lighting or a blurry image prevent you from securing the job! Make sure the photo you select is high quality and stands out in the best way!
  • Fitting: It is important to select a photo that is right for the jobs you are applying for. If you are an administrator, a profile photo of you climbing a mountain is not fitting. Remember less is more. A simple headshot can go a long way!

Personal Work Motto:This is a preview of your personality. Let your character shine through with a work motto that you live by. Just remember to keep it professional.

Intro Video: Personality and character count more for many employers than the nuts and bolts on your resume. Your intro video is your opportunity to let your personality shine and provide more insight into your skills and what you offer to a company. And, don’t forget to make your video PQF(Professional, Quality, and Fitting)!

Industry and Skills:QuickHire uses this information to match you to the best jobs in your area. The more industries and skills you select, the more jobs will populate in your area.

Work History:This portion may seem tedious but it is so important for employers to know your previous positions. Keep it current! Only include positions from the past 10–15 years.

Education:Certain positions require particular education or specialized training. From high school diplomas, degree programs, certifications, and training, be sure to include any and all education you have received in a specific area.

Resume: Do you have a formal resume? Great! Be sure to upload it.