Making The Job Match

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Nothing beats the endorphin rush of being selected!

QuickHire uses AI-driven matching technology to analyze data from profiles to quickly and accurately connect employers with prospective candidates from our database.

How does matchmaking work? Every day, QuickHire provides companies with a short list of candidates from which to select. This candidate pool results from how closely job seeker qualifications align with the employer’s job description. From this group of top-tier candidates, employers choose whom they wish to interview, and ultimately may hire!

Are you making the cut? Your QuickHire Match percentage lets you know how often you’re making it to the list we provide employers. The greater your match percentage, the better chance your application will convert to an interview!

If you aren’t happy with your percentage, we recommend closely reviewing your profile:

  • Is your profile complete? If it’s not, your chances of making the list are lower than candidates with more robust profiles.
  • Have you included keywords that spotlight the skills you have and the needs companies in your industry need? Keyword matches elevate your matchability.

QuickHire is here to help you position yourself for the best chance of job search success!